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Restaurant branding

Galo Kitchen is an restaurant specializing in French-American inspired comfort cuisine. Its prime focus is breakfast, but it also offers lunch and dinner menus and a cozy atmosphere all day long. Additionally, Galo Kitchen has its own in-house bakery that provides delicious, freshly made, hand-crafted bread and pastries.

The naming is meant to articulate the French touch present in Galo’s lovingly made food. The black and white skewed pattern dresses up the brand as friendly, snug and casual, a feeling supported by the logotype’s organic cursive script.

The zeppelin icon pays homage to Galo’s bakery. Inspired on the airship’s general shape, a Zeppelin is a sandwich made with a roll of French bread split widthwise into two pieces and filled with a variety of meats, cheese, vegetables, seasonings and sauces.

Galo Kitchen es un restaurante especializado en comida reconfortante con inspiración americana-francesa. Su hora más popular es la del desayuno, sin embargo, también cuenta con menús para comer y cenar en un ambiente casual y acogedor. Adicionalmente, Galo cuenta con su propia panadería, la cual produce pan fresco y calentito todos los días.

El nombre expresa el toque francés presente en toda su comida. El patrón blanco y negro viste a la marca con una personalidad amable, casual y acogedora, las cuales son características apoyadas también por la escritura orgánica y cursiva del logotipo.

El ícono del zepelín es un homenaje metafórico a su panadería. Inspirado en la forma del globo aerostático ovalado, un zepelín es un sandwich hecho con pan francés y relleno de una amplia variedad de carnes frías, queso, vegetales y salsas.

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The Two Men’s – Underground Blues
More about the cafe branding project on WE AND THE COLOR.
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The Two Men’s – Underground Blues

More about the cafe branding project on WE AND THE COLOR.

DesignBranding and Graphic Design on WE AND THE COLOR

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Small Plates — More at STATIONERY OVERDOSE


Handmade Cut Paper Typography of the word Love - Created on Demand
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Today is the Day Pocket Planner by Jessica Hische.

The Today is the Day pocket planner looks like those old hardcover books with gold lettered-titles.

Lettering and illustrations are by Jessica Hische.

The Art Deco-inspired interior planner pages include full-page typographical illustrations of quotations by Emily Dickinson (“Forever is Composed of Nows”), Emily Bronte (“I’ve dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me”), John Gardner, Anthony D’Angelo, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and others.

The spine reminds you to “write every day”, and the back cover exhorts you to make it happen.

See the details of this beautiful book here:

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Designed by Morgan Sterns, Chick Lit Candles is a beautiful and clean package design.

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